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Really great flash submission, i really like the puns and all.

It is really nice for a guy to submit a flash submission that contains puns about Nintendo.

TerminalMontage responds:


Pikachu was like a hippie on this movie. Not that fact, it was so cute and hilarious. The animation is dandy-looking and they look like someone who creates cute animation made this.

For some reason, it is nice for you to create this. However, the acid scene was so 1-second weird looking but however i like it.

Well, similar to some non-collaborated Madness flashes here on Newgrounds.

1. The music is like "Part 2" music.
2. Great animation evolutions.
3. The "To Be Continued and Find Out on the next episode" sequences.

That really hopes that i really find this "early nostalgic".

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Great game.

I enjoyed the Arena Mode. It is an 1337 experience for 9 years that Madness Interactive was released and then it just began growing it's 1337ness.

I will give this like 5 stars.

Well, i think of you making a sequel of this because well... It is kinda easy to play.

This is kinda a little nice to play this.

Possibly, i kinda think of getting the game much more easier and not getting killed while people is shooting while you are shooting with your shotgun. Like seriously, it's like that you are doing something really awful like shooting at video games because how awful it is.

I might as well advice you for some changes.

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Nice addicting and catchy audio submission. This is kinda a great audio submission. I really think of you making yourself a remix of the theme of Madness Combat 7.5. (The Madness Of The Hatter). This is kinda really good.

I wish you made that remix.

Great and awesome audio submission. You make a great Pokemon parody song.

Your song should be on Pokemon Battles on Newgrounds.

Nice loop.

You are actually a great audio submissioner. I actually kinda like it. If only i wish it was longer. I kinda like it 22 seconds but i wish it was 8 minutes long.

I really like it. Thank god you make more than one awesome audio submission.

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It is a nice Madness Guard. It is great.

By the way, nice AK-47 on the back.

Nice memorial art submission. I am so glad that this on the front page.

You should get an award for this.

Nice self-portrait of Hank. You know it is kinda of cool by the way.

You know when he is just holding 2 pistols on his MC7 form. It is kinda nice on his MC5 and MC4 form. It is kinda really awesome. I really like a big fan of Hank by the way.

Ok, i didn't notice about the Update Contacts and Websites section and the Fans section. IN LOVING MEMORY OF Sherbert, Randy-Solem and Edds-World. (The famous and dead celebrities of Newgrounds since 2000 and 2003.)

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