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I have finally got the quest medals that i wanted from The Room.

2012-04-28 19:59:56 by Michaely385

Well, recently. This is so great because i got Bookworm and did everything on my list that i have to get the medals on The Room.

This is diffidently the greatest redesign Newgrounds ever have in 11 years.

I hope this will long last for a long time.

Ok, i am not dead. But i think i have some news to tell you.

The reason why we were forced to upgrade to the new non-organized YouTube channel template is all because of Cosmic Panda.

In the middle of 2011, i just went to the "Try Something New!" section and then i just thought of clicking of upgrading my YouTube experience but i just found out that it was the worst YouTube experience upgrading of my... fucking... life!

And then Cosmic Panda fucked up YouTube by putting a beta crappy template on my channel, and i just thought that i would never use Cosmic Panda ever again in my entire life but then it just came back to me on December 2011. It was a nightmare for my internet experience and then it just got even worse 4 months later.

I'm stuck with the new overrated shitty channels on YT!

2012-03-08 21:36:37 by Michaely385

It was Tuesday March 7, 2012. They were saying that they were changing to the new channel templates that there were in the site since December 2011, it was the most bullshit chance of a lifetime for YouTube ever. Users were pissed, partners was going to fuck out, YouTube users who are also signed up to Newgrounds are going to get FUCKED UP like me.

It was too late. I fucked up my channel and then it turned to be a one-way fucking ticket to Perm MadHouse for guys who are obsessed with 1337 channel templates on YouTube. I was stuck to this overcrappy channels with all of YOUTUBE.

Nobody dosen't wanna go to that goddamn motherfuckin' site anymore because of the overrated channels. Seriously, what will happen to YouTube and it's owners and it's goddamn finacing on the YouTube website.

And i hope that YouTube users will also think of YouTube being not being a website and becoming a retarded website and then they will not become one of Google. What happend to you Google and Viacom, why are you taking over everyone's most favorite website ever.

This is what happend what fucking happens if you get this to a 3/7 overloaded goddamn terrioism which will be much more awful than the last one.

Well, i hope this will get your fucking message. Thank you, and goodbye if YouTube will get so much goddamn better by the end of 2012 by the day of December 21.

I'm stuck with the new overrated shitty channels on YT!

Well, it is March 3, 2012 and i just voted off on the Monthly Voting that has been there and it was like different than the last one but it is kinda a little crappy.

I didn't notice that Rapheus had created "Valentimes Massacre".

I am kinda like a big fan of his voice acting. Rapheus looks kinda like his animating self.

I am on Level 13!

2012-02-17 21:42:28 by Michaely385

Finally, i am on Level 13. For the record, i just think about thinking about the whole year since i was in Level 12 when it was 2011.

This is my first time leveling up on the new redesign.

Finally, i could think of something to do for the new redesign revolution.

I have finally have 9000 Medals Points. 1000 more and then i will have 10,000 Points!!!!

So i hope i have a great time having 9000 medal points.

Happy New Year!

2012-01-01 12:06:05 by Michaely385

It's a happy new year to 2012. I am really so excited about 2012.

Have a Merry Christmas.

2011-12-25 11:38:22 by Michaely385

Merry Christmas to Newgrounds and have a Happy New Year.

Happy December.

2011-12-01 19:39:37 by Michaely385

I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and a happy merry Hannukah and Kwanzaa. :)

Well, if you are shit enough to be a dude who believes in Winter and December.